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last updated July 14, 2006

On this page you will find pictures that I have picked up on my videogame collecting travels,
and decided to make a page up of some of this unusual stuff that you just don't see all that often.
The following pictures were mostly taken by me, but there are some trawled off the net.
This sort of stuff you just don't see everyday, so in the interests of information transfer, read and learn...

Universal Cosmic Alien wall-mounter, Official License to A.D.P Automaten in Germany. Uses a 13" monitor (1" smaller than 99% of other monitors :)
B.O.T.S.S upright model... very-rare
Clear Ms Pacman machine! this was in a videogame museum or something, in about 1997 ?
official Taito upgrade kit space invaders->Lunar Rescue. Had a plastic marquee thing bonded over the top of the space invaders logo. Crappy picture I know..
Licensed Model Racing Space Invaders, made in Italy for the European market. Note the black artwork instead of dark blue.
This is most bizarre. Not only is this a tiny cabinet, it also plays galaxians on a black and white monitor, with coloured strips over the screen. Yes, Galaxian, not space invaders. Yes, in black and white with an overlay instead of colour.
Zenitone Invaders Revenge kit, installed in a Taito space invaders.
Super Earth Rescue kit installed in a Space Invaders Part 2 cabinet. Kit marquee is bonded to original bezel.
Nichibutsu Moon base cocktail, complete original, hard to find like this.
Side by side comparison of an American and Irish starwars cockpit, American on the left, Irish on the right. American = glass reverse screened artwork, Irish = vinyl sticker over glass.
American left, Irish right. American is Glossy, colours differ, although this could be a screening error running out of ink as these colours vary machine to machine, and sometimes change colour through the side.
American behind, Irish in front
Irish left, American right, both suffer from common SW cockpit 'snapped back door' syndrome.
Taito Speed Race CL5, licensed version of Sega's Monaco GP, found in an arcade, still operating in 2003!!
Midway Checkmate... hardly ever see this..
Factory converted (had a label stapled in the back saying so) Zaccaria Dodgem -> The Invaders. This factory kit installed covered everything but the front artwork. The sides were giant stickers from top to toe, nice control panel and screen bezel. I'm not sure if the art on the front was peeled off, or never installed... screen bezel is mounted upside down too.. super rare
Nichibutsu Super Moon Base upright.. Gorgeous cabinet. Game is actually 'Moon Base Zeta', only has a 14" b/w monitor, reflected on a 2way mirror, with blacklight, but absolutely no moonscape backdrop fitted from factory! very odd machine, this was a Taito license, not a bootleg.
SEGA Carnival. This is a factory 'Head On' conversion. NOT a SEGA/gremlin, this is a Japanese cab, much smaller than western cabs, and of course, not SEGA/Gremlin license that you are used to seeing.
Universal Magical Spot cabinet. Unfortunately the control panel overlay is generic, the screen bezel is from a Cosmic alien? and the backdrop is generic, marquee not mounted properly... but then again, when did you ever see one of these full stop :)
Here is an earlier, possibly the first style of German Game World cabinet, slightly more rounded than normal, and a much more attractive white cabinet. This machine turned up in Canada with a story of it being imported from europe, possibly Ireland.
Video Games GMBH 'Space Attack' a bootlegged space invaders made in Germany by a UK company (later to become 'the Game World Group LTD'). This cabinet shape/design was to be used by the mother company for many other future games but in a much nastier brown woodgrain effect being a much more common cabinet. Interestingly, this cabinet uses a horizontal black and white monitor, but with the yoke twisted round 90 degrees so the vertical space invader game works on a horizontal monitor. Ingenious. Monitor made by 'Ceedata LTD' same with the game pcb, one piece bootleg space invader pcb, small, with tons of wire hacks, very poor quality pcb, all hand soldered.
Here is the last style of game world cabinet, this was proabbly the most common, this one has 'monster mash' on the attract panel, it is running ghost n goblins, but this is not stock, it had been converted, no idea what monster mash was...
Official Bell-Fruit license of Nintendo Sheriff ! Looking very sorry for itself, badly water damaged, but with the trademark blue control panel, and distinctive bell fruit cabinet shape.
Nintendo 'Computer Othello', this was Nintendo's first EVER video game. Click the pic for pics of inside and out.
Taito Safari - just a very unusual and rare machine, i think the game is a parallel of sega's 'Tranquilizer Gun' not sure who made it first, as all japanese manufacturers shared their games round under different names.
Officially licensed Sega Monaco GP made by AEA Electronics in Italy. Uses an original Sega pcb and japanese monitor, but everything else is italian made.
Italian puckman clone. Probably came from the same place as the AEA monaco GP above, the cabinet is identical, but has no sideart, and alternative control panel etc.. Probably using up the cabinet shells they had left over? still, small and funny nonetheless, no copyright notices or license marks, so its gotta be a bootleg.
Its fairly unusual to see these shaped Astroblaster mini's, and is a good example of how companies used up surplus cabinets from an earlier game (Monaco GP) before re-tooling and making new shape/sized cabs.
DECO (Data East COrp.) - Tomahawk 777 . small, and very colourful cabinet. Generic sortof coloured stripes pattern meant that this cabinet was used for Mad Alien, Mission-X and other games. Very similar to the DECO cassette system cabinet. Made of playwood, dead easy to move with its own wheels too.
Starfighter Cocktail, this is nothing but a bootleg moon cresta made by Game World LTD.
Prototype Konami GTI Club 'Italian Job' as seen at the ATEI London in January 2000. It never went into production to my knowledge.
Looks like someone made this little cocktail out of Lego Bricks... it has an 8" monitor, offset to one side and is made entirely of metal. Was a one-off or prototype made for kids or something...
Atari Return of the Jedi (SW cockpit Kit, one of only 50 released/sold) and this one, as far as we could make out, had a prototype rear marquee. It was very intricately made up of layers of photocopied art and hand coloured, with overlaid transparencies, no way it was an operator-made thing. The actual kit marquee is sorta like bright pink/red/yellow rainbow stripes around the jedi logo, very basic. I think the last owner of this removed it, thinking it was a hack job, and pulled it to pieces despite my protests, it was destroyed and thrown out (from memory)
If you are collecting in the UK, avoid dealing with this man at all costs. You'll thank me for it later.
This is the rear identity sticker from an Atari Metal Maniax (prototype) link pod, it was supposed to sit in between two twin-sitdown machines (four players total) and had a vertical christmas tree of lights like on a drag strip.
Dedicated Atari Pole Position II - only made in Ireland, Americans will probably note the compact cabinet size, this is typical of european cabients where locations are much smaller and therefore command smaller machines to be built, something the Irish factory did with a lot of cabinet ranges.
This is a dedicated Atari-Ireland built Rolling Thunder, once again note the scaled down cabinet size compared to the american version. Missing some ofthe sideart and the monitor bezel (just plain black card)
No, that isn't a Giant leaning on that video game, the cabinet is called 'Diddy Video' and was produced by Taitel UK (A division of Taito) designed specifically for small children, this particular one was playing Crazy Balloon. I think this ended up getting converted and then scrapped by the collector in the picture whose identity shall remain anonymous.
A real Namco Puckman (with a cracked marquee unfortunately) Purchased in Holland in Jan 2001, brought to the uk, not sure where it is now.
Ever seen a 25" dedicated Atari Major Havoc ? ok, so it wasn't made by Atari, just a very determined couple of collectors with a 720 and some spare time..
Dubiously spelled marquee from an uber-rare bootleg Atari Missile Command called 'Missile Combact'. Glass - of Italian origin.
This is in fact cut from the top of a screen bezel/marquee thing. I once owned a small cabinet witha complete bezel with one of these in it.. no idea where it comes from apart from its probably from a UK bootleg of some kind.
Marquee from Allied Leisure's 'Paddle Battle' from 1972, this was the first company to bootleg Atari's Pong, the first of many to eventually do so over the proceeding years.
Zenitone Invaders Revenge control panel overlay for a midway space invaders cab.
Uber-rare marquee produced for a machine made under license from Universal by Electrocoin in the UK.
Space Intruders marquee, glass half-mirrored. Produced by a uk company, the name of which escapes me right now.
"Highway Route 61" marquee, no idea what the game was, this marquee was found at an old tech workshop, called 'Game Doctors', they have put their logo in the top right of the marquee. Maybe it was a Galaxian romhack of somekind.
Glass Marquee again half-mirrored for SubElectro STING, which i think was a moon cresta bootleg.


Don't ask me why, but none of these scores are logged on which kind of makes the whole tournament that was held by them pretty irrelevant, which is a shame. Held at Funspot (New Hampshire) in May 2001.
999999 - Atari Millipede
580031 - Midway TRON
937770 - Atari DigDug
56830 - Midway Galaxian
137170 - Sega Congo Bongo
948870 - Taito Arkanoid
2011070 - Capcom 1942
296480 - Stern Scramble
330000 - Atari Battlezone
999900 - Centuri Gyruss
301800 - Stern Tutankham



Taito/SNK Ozma Wars. This pcb has an additional wire-wrapped sound board as a sort of upgrade kit on a standard TVN Space invaders instead of having a dedicated sound board (I know the dedicated osund pcb exists as i had one once :-) also shown is the Taito instruction card.
Space Invader bootleg pcb, all one layer with integrated sound. 2114's used for ram, what a splendid idea!
Nichibutsu MB-10 'Moon Base Zeta' (space invaders part 2 license) single layer pcb, 2114 ram once again, but also 2114 writeable palette ram, however RGB unused, b/w only output. Very interesting pcb.
here is the pcb from my Sega Carnival, again quite different to most.
Hantarex MT-RV XY monitor... yes, the fabled Hantarex mono vector monitor... I repaired this one and its still working strong! Nicely designed, and easy to work on, very-rare though.
Toei Mussan TXY-14A (14" b/w vector monitor) another rare vector monitor (Taiwan?)
Midway Playtime, its like a 4 player pong, but dig the bright blue pcb!! This was Midway's second videogame.
Valadon Automation - 'Astrofire'. This is a re-engineered copy of DECO's 'Astro Fighter'. Interesting hardware, every IC is socketed, uses weird 2816 EPROM's and nasty 4027 ram.
Donkey Kong Junior on Galaxian hardware!
Irem Funny Mouse pcb, with huge metal security block.
'GOBBLER' - Pacman bootleg, board is etched 'COMPEQ-1' . click the pic to see a screenshot too, they transposed two of the letter in 'puckman' to arrive at 'muckpan'. Very nice indeed :)
Nichibutsu Moon Quasar, on uncommon Galaxian style Moon Alien pcb, looks like a factory install.
Zenitone Microsec - Invaders Revenge - installed on a Taito 3-layer cocktail PCB. The sound board is pretty much disabled, so that the custom blob sound module can do its work. volume pot is on the blackbox too.
Zenitone Microsec - Invaders Revenge - installed on a Midway L-shape pcb, sound pcb shown. Very rare, and vital for decent sounds, uses an AY-3-8910, but all important chips have markings scratched off, so its hard to work out how to emulate this sound board.
Junior Pacman on PENGO hardware.. yeh, quite an ambitious hack, but the game looks and plays perfectly!
Taito Moon Cresta pcb, with instruction cards, very rare.
Atari Prototype Paperboy "PF ROM EXPANDER" pcb daughterboards.. (Playfield ROM expander?) no idea where they go, or what they plug into, they don't seem to match to the pcbs below. All hand soldered/assembled.
Atari Protoype Paperboy CPU PCB, completely different from the production board, this one even has a quad pokey (not used on the production version) interboard connectors are completely different too. All hand soldered/assembled.
Atari Protoype Paperboy CPU PCB, same as above, except this one has roms. All hand soldered/assembled, but this one doesn't have the green soldermask.
Atari Prototype "Peter Pack Rat" main pcb. They obviously made the game originally as a dedicated pcb, then probably decided against it and integrated it into the cartridge based System 1 arrangement. This is a huge pcb, sadly missing all its socketed chips. No soldermask, and all hand assembled/soldered. It has a connector on it for the ROM board :
Atari Prototype "Peter Pack Rat" ROM pcb, to plug into the pcb above. It has a handwritten post-it note with some notes on it from one of the engineers, i forget what it says now. Sadly missing all the roms.
Atari Prototype System 2 video pcb. Hand assembled/soldered, wire links all over the place, and note the edge connector at the right hand side instead of the normal pin connectors.
Atari Protoype Paperboy CPU PCB, this one has a slapstick glued in place and a whole lotta wires running all over the place. Same as the ones above, but missing half of its roms.
Atari Protoype Paperboy CPU PCB, just like some of the others above, all hand soldered/assembled, and missing all its roms :|



This is the BEST thing I can think of doing with an SNK Mechanised Attack. Why of course, turn it into your portable workshop monitor test bench and general jamma rig and tool trolley, genius!
This is what all self-respecting videogame collectors should do to fruit machines when you come across them.
Two types of Vectorbeam Speed Freak manual, one stapled and one bound.
Some American thought it'd be cool to restyle their station wagon. Lord knows why :)
UK National Lottery scratchcard with a space invaders theme. I didn't win anythgin when i scratched it off though :(
Major Screenburn from Rally-X, very neat, but highly burned, making the picture way dark in them iddle, and bright on the edges :) bin fodder.
pretty bad screenburn from my old Atari Crystal Castles, but it sits behind smoked glass so its not really noticeable, it gave a really good picture so i didn't change it when i sold it.
Somebody once told me that "G07 flybacks never blow up - i've never seen a bad one"
I felt compelled to take pictures of just how these things can go nuclear and 'release the smoke' also as another person liked to put it.
So here they are, this was just 3 i found on my shelves, i have seen countless others already repaired in the past.
Bizarre old early 1980's knitting pattern for LUNAR RESCUE. Or, how to look like a daft twat with your grandmothers' knitting assistance. Made in the UK, no copyright marks, so i'm guessing they just booltegged it without permission, its not like Taito were ever lkely to find out haha.
Amazingly captured on camera, the brief seconds after discovering that untested switching power supply you put in the Gorf was no good. Please note the consumption of fine french alcoholic beverages on the upper right were apportioned some blame too.


Discs Of Tron Environmental recycled at the factory to make the floorpan of a 'Granny And The Gators' vid/pin combo machine.
Interesting factory recycling of a Tapper, used on the base board of a Spy Hunter Cockpit. You can even see the blank brown area, this would be cutout on Tapper as this is where the coindoor goes... they never wasted much at midway did they :)
DECO Tomahawk 777 cabinet base. Appears to re-use several games for various parts of the bottom construction at the factory.
Midway Killer Instinct - inside the cashbox door - Made in the same factory as Williams pinballs, its obvious they weren't wasting wood, nice artworked wood has been used here to make runners for the cashbox, and to strengthen the interior from break-ins. The pinball wa 'Dirty Harry'
NAMCO Galaxian - made by Bertolini in Italy, when the marquee was removed, i noticed the rear air vent / handle assembly was made of a Super Breakout, must have been one of the early machines Bertolini made for Atari in Europe.


HERE is an interesting transcript of a chat I once had with
Steve Wozniak over email about various videogame things..

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