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last updated March 20, 2019


I have owned literally hundreds of machines since I started collecting in 1997, so i'm quite happy
with keeping only really a small selection - so I like to keep the rarity high and the numbers low!

Kee - Formula K - 1974
[rare 23" monitor version, currently the only one found so far!]

Out Run - Sega 1986

Nutting Associates - Computer Space - 1971
[needs a bit of restoration]

Atari Europe - SPLASH - 1978
[Rare european license from Exidy, this came from the Duke Of Lancaster!
needs restoration]

Namco Pole Position Cockpit - 1981
[ Japanese version, needing some TLC]

Gottlieb - Exterminator - 1989
[this is probably the actual machine that
I played as a kid for two summers in England!]

Midway Bulls Eye (EM wall game)

[hanging up in my lounge, needs some work]

Atari Space Riders Pinball machine back glass.
[Ok, its not an arcade machine, but I love it, and its a keeper.]

Taito Speed Race Color - 1978?
[a unique machine, under restoration]

Taito - Space Invaders - 1977

[Release model Japanese cocktail table, super rare! Tthis is earlier than all usual tables you will find!]

Atari Tetris Prototype
Bartop machine - 1989

[Ex-employee purchase from Atari in 1990.
Unique game PCB and hand-built cabinet! ]

Namco - Puckman - 1980
[ yep, the REAL Japanese cocktail table! ]

Williams - The Predators Prototype - 1986
[Custom 4-person 4-screen compact cabinet I made for CAX 2017 to house the working PCB from Rav, you can watch a gameplay video here]

AMI D 80 Jukebox - 1951

[Mostly Working but needs an overhaul]

Taito Fisco 400 - 1977
[Japanese answer to Atari multiplayer sprint-driving games! Fixed and fully working,
re-creating the dome topper is in progress]

Taito Subhunter - 1978
[very rare Japanese version of Depthcharge]

[very rare, and a very British machine!

Atari Metal Maniax Prototype Marquee
[Obtained from a friend of the printers in Chicago where only a small number of these
were apparently made. It is reverse silk-screened and vacu-formed, and can be backlit.]


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I sell a lot of stuff on eBay as well as in my sprawling webstore, both of which you should visit.


Some interesting stuff comes through my workshop:


Addressograph Multigraph

Used on a 500 series photo type-setting machine from the late 70's. Groovy looking with lots of special keys for all sorts of typesetting functions. Case is largely empty, containing a Motorola M3100 monitor and the "Micro Switch RI" keyboard only, there's no interface electronics, everything goes out on one big cable bundle! 78 keyboard keys. Circa 1978
- Varityper Division COMP/SET 502 - east Hanover NJ - on label on the rear

Lear Siegler

Lineup of Serial Terminals

A pretty cool lineup of space-age looking dumb terminals came in for restoration, including CRT replacmeents, monitor overhauls, keyboard/logic errors and lower case modifications/upgrades. I ended up keeping one of these for use on my own vintage computers

3M Cantata 700
Background music system

I stumbled across this 'elevator music' box and was fascinated by its design and the ungodly huge tape cartridges that it uses. Click thei mage to see a short page i made on what i found out.




Check out my collection of original video arcade game Videos on YouTube!


Pages of Interest :

This is a pretty large set of pages covering technical Arcade information as well as information on test equipment, modifications to original hardware, contains DIP Switch settings and Pinouts for game that you can't find anywhere else on the net. Also included are game ROMs I have dumped and other pages i have created to help collectors with knowledge and modification fo their games!
A lot of people know me from this page as its a pretty comprehensive cross-reference of Atari part numbers, pcb photos and manuals and stuff. Its also how I keep track of my collection of old b/w stuff.
This is a page that I put together of some stuff in the arcade collecting scene that you don't see at ll often. It was put together a long, long time ago, but is still of interest as I haven't seen most of it since :)

VEB Polyteknik POLY PLAY
arcade machine that i owned for a number of years, but sold in February 2011

I used to own this machine, the story of obtaining it took a number of years to bear fruit. Sadly I had to sell the machine eventually, but I documented the story and photos etc, its a good resource if you come across one of these.

I've also left this page up and running as people do contact me every now and then about it, but it was sold off quite a long time ago.
I can claim credit for locating and organizing a deal to get hold of this machine, the only genuine pilot/prototype machine found in the wild in Europe.
Tricky and confusing subject, but i've had a go at trying to define some things.
Knowledge is power! You can't fix anything without the right documentation, and i've listed the contents of what i have on these pages so i can keep track!
Jon is another arcade collector I've been visiting stateside for the past 10 years, check out his site for arcadey stuff and some really nerdy vintage Apple ][ software stuff!
I attended this with Jon who is linked to above, and put up my photos so people could have a taster of what its like there...
I helped out the family with cataloging the videogame inventory that was left after Bob sadly passed away, here are all the details from that time..
A really old set of pages basically showing some of the horrible conversions that you see in arcade collecting circles, its pretty shocking how bad some of them were! Not updated in a long, long time.
I got a chance to read and go through all the paperwork cabinets that came out of the Atari Ireland factory in Tipperary. Some of the folders I was able to scan. The whereabouts of the archive is currently unknown.
(link removed - will update eventually)
I travel an awful lot. I work abroad a lot.. This means I fly a lot... I'm a geek, so I keep track of it, its a way of keeping me sane so I can remember where I was and when..
Black n white games are my thing, and i've been helping my pal on the east coast with his impressive b/w collection for decades now... so check out his site!

Drug Abuse
Hiller Aircraft Company film
The Problem Drinker


I like to collect up old Reel to Reel tapes i find in junk shops and flea markets, when i find them interesting enough, i put them on YouTube!

Some of the rarest things to collect are distributor test rigs. This page shows what have owned in the past and what I currently have, a good resource for comparisons.
My grandfather certainly got around a bit during WW2, and there are so many untold stories of the people that fought in this conflict, this is my attempt at putting some information out there and doing some honour to him.




Here is a panoramic photo of the Retrokade workshop in about 2003, all but one seen here are now sold:

Here is a picture of Retrokade in about 2005 in the big new building:

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