An account of Army Life During World War II
experienced by Bernard Welburn

last updated January 21, 2019


Bernard Welburn
aka 'Ben' (1915 - 1992)
Warrant Officer 1st Class
Squadron Quarter Master Sergeant

Enlisted at Hull for the Royal Tank Corps on 28th January 1937 appointed member of 2nd Battallion Royal Tank Corps squad 492.

Joined 7th (Queens Own) Hussars on 27 Dec 43

Left the British Army in 1961? as rank WOI SQMS (ORS)

Decorations :
1939-1945 Star
Africa Star
Burma Star
Italy Star
Defence Medal
War Medal 19391945 (Oak leaf)
Long Service & Good Conduct Medal

War Medal with Oak Leaf :
This was worn for having been 'Mentioned in Dispatches' in the London Gazette.

UPDATE 04/01/14 - I have found the newspaper clippings for this, but have not found out why:


Introduction :
This page was compiled by myself (Andrew Welburn) from the various artifacts that remain in our family from my paternal Grandfather who was an organised chap, and liked to keep hold of scraps of paper relating to journeys, events, everything. Its funny that I do exactly the same myself, I have a large amount of tickets from all of my world travels, they are great reminders of good times and bad. Sadly, most of the stories behind each souvenir are lost as my Grandfather passed away in 1994, but we can build a picture of where he went and when during the war years. Bernard was a modest man and in the time that i knew him, i don't recall him ever mentioning the war. Likewise our family doesn't know a great deal of details, all we have are a few surviving diaries that cover parts of WWII and a box of paperwork.
This mini-site is an attempt to tell the story from the various keepsakes that have been stashed away in boxes for a long time.
Much of the information on this site has come from one really worn looking S.O Book notepad which can be seen oposite. There are details around some dates and not others, whether this is due to action or involvement i dont know. I have attempted to extract dates and placenames, but the notepad is written like a letter or a story, not actually like a diary with entries next to dates. It is written in cursive handwriting and some of it is illegible, i have retained the actual spelling as far as i can make out, and anything you see enclosed in square brackets [] was added by myself.


This site is being added to from time to time as i find more items and information,
currently the post-war section is incomplete and a bit messy


Epochs and Theatres of War
please follow the links below to visit each part of the story.




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